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Alternative Girl Love

We have the right to express ourselves.

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Hello and welcome this is a community to express the bi girl and lesbian in artworks. We are open to male and straight female membership as well as long as it is kept in mind that all art should pretain to "alternative female love".

The Ten Commandments

1. No hateful language or put-downs of other people's work. This is a banable defense offense to a certain degree; if you have nothing nice to say, sit on your hands and scroll on to the next post.

2. If you are posting a picture or a mature piece or prose please put it behind an lj-cut. We'll use the Amertican rating system here; G for everyone, PG for older kids, PG-13 for anyone 13 or older, R for people 17 or over and NC-17 for people over 21.

3. Please spellcheck all entries on a writing program. No L337 speak is allowed for literature and keep it to a mininum for off-topic conversations. At least give the impression you didn't sleep through English okay?

4. If you post an off theme piece of work don't be surprised when you're asked to take it down.

5. If you wish, feel free to post articles on the bisexual and lesbian communities since we would like to keep an intellectual atomsphere here. However keep stories about your life on your *own* LJ, okay?

6. For non-bi females and non-lesbians(this includes men too):We are not looking for your reassurance that you're "okay" with our lifestyle. Its great that you're open minded and want to support us, but we don't like to be patronized that we need some stranger's approval. We don't, so if you post a topic like that don't be surprised if you get flamed.

7. Don't hetero bash. This includes bashing against "breeders", take that to the child_free communities, we exist here on the "live and let live" mantra. We don't hate them, even though they may piss us off. This is not a ranting community.

8. Fan fiction and art is allowed here! Let's give those yaoi freaks a run for their money! Just remember to put on a disclaimer, and which fandom it is, along with the rating in your post, thank you.

9. If you have any problems or concerns, feel free to contact me via yahoo or e-mail. ^_^

10. Well, I hope you all have fun here, and I look forward to seeing all of your works of art!

We are not a promotions community!!!
If you must advertise use the link below, thank you.

Bisexuality is Real.