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Skewed_Tartan [userpic]
Well Let's Start...
by Skewed_Tartan (aficoncubine)
at November 13th, 2005 (07:45 am)

I Feel:: hopeful

This is the only femslash fic I've written so far (since I don't write romantic stuff so much) its an Animorphs slashfic between an obscure female character (she appeared in only one book) named Estrid whos an Andalite and an original female character who's a human named Kate. For the most part I don't like creating original characters in fanfics because for me its just easier to write canon in fanfics. But this was suppose to be a study into how the different cultures would interact and since Animorphs didn't really address that I had to bring in new characters. Since the Andalites are such a proper and unemotional culture I wanted to shake-up their views since it is probable they don't accept homosexuality and what it would mean if humans introduced it as something acceptable.

Anyway enough blabbing here it is "Interspecies Relations" Rated: Pg-13.

P.S. Looking back now I may have based Kate too much on myself, but I think that's a sign of my laziness, I think she would have developed on her own though had I finished the fic...