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Skewed_Tartan [userpic]
Why we Have this Community Today.
by Skewed_Tartan (aficoncubine)
at December 1st, 2005 (09:25 am)

I Feel:: thoughtful

We have this community today because of a Greek female poet known as Sappho who was born between 612 and 630 BC. The words "sapphic" and "lesbian" both originate from her lyrist poetry. (Lyrist meaning her poetry was meant to be accompanied by a lyre.) Sappho was also a teacher of poetry and taught female students on the isle of Lesbos, writing romantic poetry to them and then composing their wedding songs when they left to be married. Homer himself praises her work and wisdom in his own writings. Beacuse Sappho's work is not condemmed by the Greeks (though later reviled by later civilizations) it can be assumed no double homoerotic standard existed for the Greeks and both Lesbian and Gay love were accepted as equal to homosexual love.

So thanks to a woman named Sappho and her gift of writing we have a collection of classic girl-love poetry that helped establish through the ages the celebration of female love between each other. Even when homosexuality was repressed Sappho's poetry managed to survive because it was too beautiful to be completely destroyed.

Further reading available here.